Last Updated: 06/09/2018

It’s important to note that is not a streaming service in itself. is a platform that enables independent artists and record labels to create their own streaming service. All song plays are accounted for and paid out to the rights holders accordingly on behalf of our label partners.

If you are a publisher or a rights holder who has a song available on please contact your label representative and we will coordinate royalty payouts accordingly.

If you belive that your songs are improperly being used without your consent please contact your label representative and at

Mechanicals Royalties are paid by on our label partners’ behalf, or by the labels themseleves, from their revenues on the platform. It is the labels responsibilty to be sure artists are being paid for any transaction on

We currently have licenses for our labels with the following PROs:


Canada CMMRA


Australia/ New Zealand APRA AMCOS

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