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What is

It’s important to note that is not a streaming service in itself. is a platform that enables independent artists and record labels to create their own streaming service. is a platform that enables artists and labels to create their own, direct-to-consumer, streaming service. is FREE to use. No monthly fees.

Our label partners use our platform for marketing purposes such as new releases, early releases, and other marketing tactics to help better monetize their catalogs among their most dedicated fans.

We function similar to a 503c and take very little profit from each transaction in order to create a platform that pays artists and labels fairly. Thus "Equal."

10,000 subscribers can effectively make a label and their artists a net-$10,000 per month.

How does it work?

Users reward artists and labels directly when the artists or labels incentivize their patronage. On we created a business model that allows all entities to profit directly from loyal fans of music fairly.

We partner with your distributor to get all of your content and metadata onboard.

How do labels get paid?

Labels get paid per transaction by their core customers who pay to unlock their content. Labels can use playlists, in-app marketing, and social media to generate transactions.

We pay out on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on if the subscription came from our web or mobile app.

If you can manage a Twitter account you can manage

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Direct Partnerships

If you manage the delivery and control the rights of your catalog provides an easy set up for you to take control of your business and monetize on your hardwork.

Contact Your Distributor uses DDEX standard and is compatible with just about any digital distribution company. Reach out to your label rep and tell them you want to be a part of and we'll work with them to get you up and running in no time.

Create Playlists

The platform let's you create a randomized playlist of the track you choose to have on display. Once you select your songs your customers will have a random playlist highlighting various artists. Set it and forget it.

Set Your Price

Our pricing is based on the app store purchase model. We suggest a $2.99 price point for most of our labels but will work with you on finding an attractive price for your work.

Build Your Brand provides social tools to help build your brand. Post images, articles, video and get the conversation around your label and artists started.

Grow Fan Loyalty

The best way to be successful on is to reward your most loyal customers with exclusive content. Early releases, Video, and Artist involvement will keep your fans coming for more.

AudioSalad is Powered by AudioSalad and is compatible with just about any digital distribution company.

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Affordable Pricing For Everyone.

Our bundle service provides affordable pricing for music lovers and at the same time rewards artists when you support their stations!



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